Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In 1993 if you were watching Nirvana perform, turned to your buddy and said, "Dave Grohl is going to form a new band after all this and make a killer pop music record" you would've either laughed out loud or poured your beer over his head. Far from the dark and haunting lyrics and monster sound of Nirvana, the Foo Fighters latest masterpiece, "Wasting Light" is clearly and distinctly a pop music record. Not that there is anything wrong with pop music but for those Grohl fans who enjoy a harder sound and were not always sure if his current band is a rock band or a pop band, "Wasting Light" does not confuse as it is a catchy, energetic, sing along pop music record. A pretty good one at that. It still has some powerful riffs and thunderous beats but they are more parts of songs rather than the direction of a song.
"Wasting Light" was produced by Nirvana's "Nevermind" producer. Grohl has gone out of his way to say that this CD was recorded in his garage to put an emphasis on going back to basics. Although I'm guessing that Dave Grohl's garage these days is not as basic as his garage may have been 20+ years ago. Strangely it has also been emphasized that "Wasting Light" was recorded only on analog tape without using the digital recording methods of today. To each their own but if that is going to be the emphasis I don't want to see a "SPECIAL DIGITAL EDITION" down the road. You did or you didn't.

"Bridge Burning" an arena rock anthem style song kicks the CD off nicely followed by the debut single, "Rope", which has a nice hook and is a great representative of what this CD brings to the table. That is followed by similar type tracks "Dear Rosemary" and "White Limo". Then there is "Arlandria" and "These Days". The latter being a more subdued track and if following the arena rock script of the 80s would be the second single off the CD. "Back & Forth" and the more melodic "A Matter of Time". The big arena rock sound on "Miss the Misery". Then you have "I Should Have Known" in which former Nirvana band mate Krist Novoselic plays bass. The final track, "Walk" rounds out a nice set of new material.

Anthems, sing-a-long choruses and big hooks. They're all here.

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