Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am a fan of Great White. They're not one of my all time greatest bands but they have a nice sound and a handful of killer tunes. Their latest release, "Absolute Hits" is a greatest hits collection. That in itself is not a terrible thing although I have always found that greatest hit collections were just a lazy way to release a new album/CD for profit without any effort because those songs have already been released. That said I have a number of greatest hit collections in my collection of albums so I guess it's a method that works. My big problem here is that this is the 11th, that's right, the 11th greatest hits collection released from the band. For comparison they have also released 11 studio albums. So does 11 studio albums and 11 greatest hits albums compute? This does not count the seven live albums they have released which realistically is another seven greatest hits albums.

Anyhow, as I said I am a fan of Great White. Mark Kendall's guitar work is one of the many great underrated guitar players. Jack Russell has a distinct sound to his voice and his collaboration with Kendall is the foundation of this band's greatest work. Sadly this moderately successful band is better known for its association with the tragic "Station Nightclub Fire" then for their music. An association that will forever haunt them and all those connected to that dark event in history. 

If you are a huge fan of Great White or that lunatic fan of the genre who needs every CD by every band like myself you'll probably buy this, like I did, but you won't find anything new on it. It is probably the best of the eleven greatest hits collections. It is a collection of their most notable songs and has all their biggest and best tracks.

New fans to Great White will get the best snapshot of the band from this collection more so than any of the others. It is also a great CD to give someone you want to turn on to the band.

Great White has some US tour dates listed for Spring and Summer including the M3 Rock Festival in Maryland. Get out there and see some live music.

The complete track listing of "Absolute Hits"
1. Call It Rock & Roll
2. Once Bitten Twice Shy
3. Mista Bone
4. Save Your Love
5. House Of Broken Love
6. Stick It
7. Old Rose Motel
8. Rock Me
9. All Over Now
10. She Only
11. Lady Red Light
12. Desert Moon
13. Face The Day
14. The Angel Song
15. Big Goodbye

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