Monday, April 4, 2011


In 1987 Whitesnake released their self-titled blockbuster. That record brought David Coverdale's band it's greatest success and fame and is a classic that still holds up today more than two decades later. Their follow-up, 1989's Slip of the Tongue garnered some commercial success but was not even close to the blockbuster of it's predecessor. Since then we've seen only two Whitesnake discs with new material. It has taken 24 years but the best record since 1987 and as rockin' as that 1987 classic is here.

Forevermore contains 13 new tracks plus 3 additional tracks that are just different versions of three out of the 13 new tracks.

Love him or hate him David Coverdale sounds as good on this record as he did in the 80s. He is of course at his swaggering front man best on the power ballad and his performance on the title track, Forevermore, is no exception. At 59 David is as vocally strong as ever.

You are not going to find any groundbreaking music here. That's okay because we are not looking for Whitesnake to stray from the formula that helped us fall in love with them a generation ago. You'll find a comforting sense of that old sound in these new but familiar sounding songs. There is a good balance of the bluesier Whitesnake and the rocking Whitesnake here and long time fans will be happy.

Hard for me not to love the bluesy-hard rock opener, "Steal Your Heart Away", might be my favorite so far. That is followed by "All Out Of Luck" and "Love Will Set You Free" which has a true classic rock feel to it. Next tracks are "Easier Said Than Done" which will remind you of "Is This Love" or "The Deeper The Love" or both. "Tell Me How", "I Need You (Shine A Light)" which is a true melodic, tap your feet and sing-a-long song. The remaining tunes are "One Of These Days", "Love & Treat Me Right, "Dogs In The Street", for me the weakest tune on the record, "Fare Thee Well", "Whipping Boy Blues", "My Evil Ways" and the aforementioned title track.

In addition the three bonus tracks are an alternative mix of "Love Will Set You Free", An acoustic version of "Forevermore" and another version of "My Evil Ways" subtitled "My Evil Drum Mix".

Not to be lost, the quality of these songs are made possible thanks to the strong lineup of talent DC has surrounded himself with this time out. Michael Devin on bass and Brian Tichy on drums are a formidable rythm section. Combine that with the twin axe attack of Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach and Timothy Drury on keybopards and you have a collection of great musicians who I can't wait to see on tour this May.

Forevermore also comes in a special box set edition which, among other things, has a vinyl version of the record, the CD version, a DVD, poster and sticker. There is also a digipack available with the CD and DVD.

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