Saturday, June 4, 2011


Legendary rockers AC/DC released "Live At River Plate" on Blu-Ray DVD last month which documented a 3-night stop in Argentina during their highly successful and most recent world tour in support of the 2008 release "Black Ice". This month finds another release of another AC/DC concert film. "Let There Be Rock" the legendary 1980 concert film is finally available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

There will be three versions of the concert film DVD released. The standard DVD which contains just the concert film. Then there will be limited edition collector's editions in both Standard DVD and Blu-Ray DVD. The limited edition will include a 32 page custom mini book, a custom guitar pick and ten postcards with images from the show.

Filmed in December 1979 at the Pavilion De Paris this 13 song concert film features the band's legendary late singer, Bon Scott, during their Highway To Hell tour. The flamboyant Bon Scott would die just two months later due to acute alcohol poisoning.

For some reason the style for filming at the time had a lot of behind the scenes footage and interviews of the band inserted in between songs so the concert is not viewed straight through. This is a slight annoyance to me because you get into the performance then there is a clip of Angus or Bon or Malcolm or Phil and so on. More often these are separate from the film and you can watch just the performance portion from start to finish without interruption. It's easy to get past that slight annoyance because the boys are smoking in this set and you can truly appreciate the mastery Bon Scott had as a front man. It is also the moment this great band was on the cusp of super stardom. Sadly their much talented front man would not make the trip. More astoundingly they still made that leap to super stardom after losing their leader and replacing him with Brian Johnson.

This film was actually released theatrically. I remember it having a pretty decent run at the famed Ziegfield theatre in New York City. I went twice. It was the only chance I got to see them with Bon at the helm. Most people who see this film will wonder what it would've been like to see this incredible performer in person. It also enforces the amazing story of this band that they were able to rise above the cloud of his passing and become the superstars he had them on the cusp of becoming.

I've mentioned already how great a performance this is. A lot of the early hits are here. "Whole Lotta Rosie", "Highway To Hell" and the title track. All AC/DC staple to this day. "Shot Down In Flames" is one of my all time favorite songs. Brian Johnson does a great job with it and I love Brian but this was a Bon song and it is great to see him tearing this one up live even if it is just a recording. Thirteen tracks in all and of course all of Angus' antics are here too. Strip tease included. This DVD is a must for any AC/DC fan. It is also a great documentation of the legend that is Bon Scott.


01. Live Wire
02. Shot Down in Flames
03. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
04. Sin City
05. Walk All over You
06. Bad Boy Boogie
07. The Jack
08. Highway to Hell
09. Girls Got Rhythm
10. High Voltage
11. Whole Lotta Rosie
12. Rocker
13. Let There Be Rock

Released June 7, 2011 on Warner Home Video

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