Thursday, June 16, 2011


Legendary guitar wizard Tony MacAlpine releases his first solo record in ten years. This self-titled release offers a great listen to some of the most impressive shredding you will ever hear. Tony is simply put one of the greatest guitar masters ever. His performance on this album shows that not only does he still have that magic with his six string but it also shows off his skill on the seven and eight string guitars, bass and keyboards. Truly showing off his artistic abilities and truly making this a solo record. This all instrumental release does feature drummers Marco Minnemann(tracks 3, 4, 8 & 12) and Virgil Donati(tracks 1, 5 & 10) and also the bass playing of Phillip Bynoe on "OLUDENIZ"..

Tony MacAlpine has a storied past and a trail of unbelievably great albums. Both as a solo artist and as a member of many other projects. I first fell in love with Tony's dizzying intricate playing style in 1986 when he was a member of the project M.A.R.S. which was an acronym for the last names of this group, Tony MacAlpine, Tommy Aldridge, Rob Rock and Rudy Sarzo. Their one album was called "Project: Driver". This is a terrific album all around and I highly recommend it. When I listened to it back in 1986 I was blown away most by the guitar playing. That turned me on to Tony's first solo record, "Edge Of Sanity". After getting my hands on that I was hooked and have been a die hard Tony fan ever since. There is a plethora of material out there with Tony's virtuoso guitar playing and I urge you to listen to it all. His playing never is anything but unbelievable and somehow most of the collaborations he has been a part of were tremendous recordings overall. If you play guitar, or tried to play guitar like I did before I accepted the fact I didn't have the ear to make music like the ear I had to love good music you'll love all of his work.

Tony comes flying out of the gate on this release with "Serpens Cauda". This is powerful hard rocking track all the way through with his melodic solo playing over it. The relentless powerful sound doesn't stop there. There are no throw away tracks on this record. My favorite song at the moment off the disc is "Dream Mechanism". It's not quite as heavy as the first few tracks but it rocks. It has a great flow to it and it gives you that mental feeling of escape you only get from a song that is unique and in a way magical. Like your rock to have a bluesy feel? Then you're going to love "Blue Maserati". You headbangers will also let loose on "10 Seconds To Mercury". There is not a disappointing track here, every one stands tall on its own. You're going to love the masterful musicianship performed throughout. You are going to love this record.

Tony states the following in the liner notes:
     "My desire was to write an instrumental guitar album, and the urge to once again create and define myself as a solo artist has returned with a vengeance".



01. Serpens Cauda
02. Oludeniz
03. Fire Mountain
04. Dream Mechanism
05. 10 Seconds To Mercury
06. Flowers For Monday
07. Angel Of Twilight
08. Blue Maserati
09. Pyrokinesis
10. Summer Palace
11. Salar De Uyuni
12. The Dedication
Released June 21, 2011 on Favored Nations

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