Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Black Country Communion, often referred to as a super group, consists of Glenn Hughes on vocals and bass, Jason Bonham on drums, Derek Sherinian on keyboards and Joe Bonamassa on guitar. Their latest release, "2", is the follow-up to their self-titled debut which was only just released nine months ago. The release of "2" also coincides with Black Country Communion's summer tour.

The great thing about such a fine collection of musicians as BCC is their talents allow them to put together a collection of tunes like the eleven tracks here that vary in style as you listen to them. Now there may be a lot of other bands that could do that but it's a good chance their fan base wouldn't accept it. With the varied styles and varied musical pasts of the BCC members it probably should have been expected let alone understood. There probably is not going to be a hit single on this record and that's more because of the way songs become hit singles these days than the tracks themselves because every song here is certainly above average. Unlike many albums, great albums at that, "2" is an album you'll find easy to listen to in its entirety on the first listen.

There may be a number of styles and sounds featured here but there is one consistency with all eleven tracks and that is they all rock and rock hard. A classic hard rock sound kicks things off with "The Outsider" and then one of my favorite vocal performances by Hughes on "Man In The Middle". Hughes' vocal prowess is evident throughout the album as is the guitar mastery of Bonamassa. Some other of the highlights are the blues-hard rock feel of "Smokestack Woman", "The Battle For Hadrian's Wall" and the funky bass driven "Crossfire". There is also "Save Me" which is a Led Zeppelinesque track that Jason Bonham originally worked on with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

BCC has given us two quality albums in just a nine month span. No sophomore jinx with this talent. There is no way to predict what may come down the road but Black Country Communion sound like they are here to stay. A super group indeed.


01 The Outsider
02 Man In The Middle
03 The Battle For Hadrian's Wall
04 Save Me
05 Smokestack Woman
06 Faithless
07 An Ordinary Son
08 I Can See Your Spirit
09 Little Secret
10 Crossfire
11 Cold
Released June 14, 2011 on J & R Adventures.

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