Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Aerosmith, those bad boys from Boston have released yet another compilation disc. Being a huge Aerosmith fan myself since their inception I am always interested in what they have to offer and always willing to give it a fair shake. However my first reaction to hearing about this release was, "do we need another Aerosmith compilation?". Probably not. To be fair my belief, and I am sure I am not alone, is that the recent interest in and discovery of the band's sound by new fans attracted to Steven Tyler's stint on American Idol provided Geffen Records with an opportunity to cash in without having to get the boys together and record new material.

To further the belief of this being a money grab let's look at the track listing for one. The CD has "Best Of The Ballads" right in its title. However only songs that have made it on Geffen releases is included so some great ballads from the band's history are not included. If it isn't ALL of your best in my opinion it can't be your best of collection. For an example the last track on Toys, "You See Me Crying" is not included here as are several others that obsessive Aerosmith fans would include in their list of best ballads.

Now on a puzzling note the tracks "Rag Doll" and "Love In An Elevator" are included in this collection. These songs are too uptempo sounding for me to be considered ballads. They are not the heaviest Aerosmith songs in the catalog but I find them far from being ballads although good tunes.

Regardless of how you view this collection the die hard Aerosmith fan who needs every bit of the band they can get their hands on will welcome this with open arms. It will also receive a warm welcome from what I believe is its intended audience, the pop music loving fan base of American Idol who want to give this guy Tyler's work a listen. Let's hope they catch on that the other four guys are pretty darn good too.

Let me know how you view this collection.


01. Angel
02. Amazing
03. Love In An Elevator
04. Cryin'
05. What It Takes
06. Rag Doll
07. Crazy
08. Deuces Are Wild
09. Livin' On The Edge
10. Blind Man
11. Janie's Got A Gun
12. Dream On

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