Wednesday, May 11, 2011


"Juggernaut Of Justice" is amazingly the 14th studio album released from Canadian thrashers Anvil. It is however their first release since the theatrical release of "Anvil! The Story Of Anvil" which made the band more widely known than they ever were from their music. Having the opportunity to seize on that new popularity Anvil comes firing out of the gate with a record that is pure classic metal.

This 12-track CD is a perfect microcosm of what Anvil is musically. With hit you over the head riffs, over done but decent guitar solos and meat head lyrics. The Late Kevin Dubrow once said "it's not about intellectual lyrics or songs with messages it's about having a good time". Anvil was listening. These are fun, sometimes over-the-top metal tunes that make for some great listening. Fans familiar with Anvil's previous material won't be disappointed but there is no "Metal on Metal" or "Mothra" to be found here.

The title track and "When All Hell Breaks Loose" immerses you from the start to the rhythmic fist pumping sounds of cheesy silly hard rock. The CD keeps steady with its sound. "Turn It Up" is aptly named as most hard core rock fans will do just that when it starts screaming through their speakers. There is also the very dark and gloomy "Paranormal" which is over seven minutes long. "Paranormal" will be that love it or hate it track on "Juggernaut Of Justice".  "Swing Time" closes out the CD but it is not really a track that screams metal or you would expect on an album with the other eleven tracks. Words won't do it justice so take a listen and let me know how you would describe it.


1. Juggernaut Of Justice
2. When All Hell Breaks Loose
3. New Orleans Voo Doo
4. On Fire
5. Fukeneh!
6. Turn It Up
7. The Ride
8. Not Afraid
9. Conspiracy
10. Running
11. Paranormal
12. Swing Thing
 Released on The End Records May 10, 2011

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