Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Rockaholic" is the newest release by Warrant. Jani Lane is long gone, again and vocal duties belong to former Lynch Mob crooner Robert Mason. Mason is joined by the remainder of the classic Warrant line-up on a 14 track collection of new material. Although the songs are new this is not a new frontier for Warrant. Close your eyes and this combination of rockers and ballads sounds like it could have been recorded during the 80s when the then Lane led Warrant were on MTV constantly. For those of you too young to recall MTV actually stands for Music Television and in the 80s that's what they aired, music. Anyhow, Mason and the band do a good job in that direction as we wouldn't want Warrant going into a new direction we want that 80's sound that has returned with a vengeance.

"Rockaholic" is a very enjoyable listening experience. Filled with a lot of melodic rock, catchy lyrics and of course throw in the ballads. Mason really shows off his vocal skills throughout and is a huge improvement over Jaime St. James(Black 'N' Blue) who just didn't quite hit any strides in his brief stint with the band. Whether it's the jump out of the speakers attack of hard rock from the CD's first three tracks, "Sex Ain't Love", "Innocence Gone", "Snake" or the soft touch of "Found Forever" the raucous, bawdy and in your face sound of 80s hair metal is heard throughout.

Robert Mason certainly has injected energy and creativity in Warrant. It is hard to imagine that the exact same record would sound as good as it does with Jani Lane on vocals. To be fair Jani does not have the vocal range of Mason and his trouble with the remainder of the classic lineup is well documented. That said, with Warrant out on the road it will be Mason singing the songs so closely associated with Lane not the other way around.


01. Sex Ain't Love
02. Innocence Gone
03. Snake
04. Dusty's Revenge
05. Home
06. What Love Can Do
07. Life's A Song
08. Show Must Go On
09. Cocaine Freight Train
10. Found Forever
11. Candy Man
12. Sunshine
13. Tears In The City
14. The Last Straw
Released on Frontiers Records May 17, 2011

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